Inspira : espace industriel responsable et multimodal

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INSPIRA site presentation

The industrial, responsible and multimodal space named INSPIRA suggests you to set up or develop your activity on the INSPIRA site.

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INSPIRA is located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, from 40 minutes of the south of Lyon. It is the second port site of the Rhône valley.

This space of 340 hectares, whose 90 hectares of public fluvial domain property of the CNR (national company of the Rhône), make one of the economic site the most huge of Isère to receive news industrials companies.

The industrial environment of INSPIRA is rich because he is built against the first chemical platform of France manage by OSIRIS and already have 90 hectares being used about twenty companies, supporting 900 jobs.

The immediate proximity to the two sites hosts a strong ecosystem offering optimized flow exchanges and/or sharing of needs. This organization facilitates the reception of activities that consume energy, materials, qualified human resources, etc.


INSPIRA suggest to companies a location based on possible industrial synergies in terms of material and energy flows or the pooling of equipment as illustrated bellow.


The rail

  • Direct rail connection on the Paris-Lyon-Marseille line
  • 580.000 tons of goods transported by years

The river

  • 3.5km from side to side
  • 864.000 tons of annual traffic

The road

  • 2 minutes from the A7 (exit 12 Chanas)
  • Direct access to Lyon, Valence, St Etienne, Grenoble

The pipeline

A dense pipeline network is present on INSPIRA and allows the delivery of gaseous products to major industries.


Join INSPIRA and benefit from its 340 hectares dedicated to productive activities. Within the project house INSPIRA, a space dedicated to the development and animation of INSPIRA, the mixed union (syndicat mixte) mobilizes its skills and its partners to listen to your project, your expectations and to support for personalized establishment:

To set up

  • “Plug and play” establishment type solution
  • Flexible and attractive offer
  • Assistance with administrative procedures and provision of technical expertise to meet your installation deadlines
  • Mobilization of our urban architect Pr Joan Busquets to facilitate the urban and environmental integration of your
  • project
  • Studies of financial aid that can be mobilized
  • Recruitment assistance

Develop your activity

  • Economic and sectoral information
  • Connection with the local ecosystem: companies, clusters and poles of competitiveness …
  • International link
  • Expertise in industrial ecology, multimodal transport …


Listening to your expectations and needs, we are working on an optimal, responsible and competitive land establishment proposal based on:

Turnkey property

  • Delimitation of a land area appropriate to your needs
  • Mobilization of our urban architect Pr Joan Busquets to facilitate the urban and environmental integration of your project

An offer of industrial services

  • Proposal for an establishment on INSPIRA allowing the development of industrial synergies offering contributions of energy and materials at competitive prices and / or the recovery of waste
  • Access to shared facilities: car park, restaurant for GIE Osiris companies, meeting and videoconference rooms of the INSPIRA project center.

A flexible delivery solution

  • Lease with privileged construction and duration determined according to the investments made
  • Tariff offer spread over the term of the lease (1st capitalized rent and annual rents over the term of the lease) to preserve debt capacity and savings in Corporate Tax.